Live for today. Plan for Tomorrow.

Create the practice you’ve dreamed of – a practice tailor-made to your specific needs, as well as the needs of your family and your clients.


You’ve worked hard to build your business. Now it’s time to reach new heights – a level you never imagined was possible!

Create the practice you only dreamed of – a practice tailor-made to your specific needs, as well as the needs of your family and your clients.

At Balance Financial, you control your business – from product solutions, to areas of advice, to target markets. We’ve built a model that allows you almost limitless possibilities and opportunities. 


Minimize your time spent on administration and compliance.

Maximize your time on client service and business development.


  • You have a track record of success but may currently be experiencing dissatisfaction in your career
  • You want to be recognized for your efforts
  • You want a career that provides you with the flexibility to adjust your schedule around your personal and family obligations
  • You have reached an income ceiling in your current position
  • You are feeling pressure to scale up your practice
  • You have limited dedicated support to help you grow your practice or take it to the next level
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are seeking autonomy in your practice


Our brokers can offer their clients the following investment options, through our insurance partners or through our dedicated portfolio management company:

  • Mutual funds
  • Segregated funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Individual securities
  • Annuities
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)
  • ESG portfolios
  • Shariah compliant (Halal) portfolios

If you’re insurance licensed, our carrier partnerships give you access to the following:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance options
  • Guaranteed and simplified issue insurance options
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Employee group benefits
  • Employee group retirement
  • Annuities
  • Segregated funds
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)
  • Mortgages and home equity lines of credit
  • RRSP loans
  • Investment loans
  • Banking products such as credit cards and bank accounts

In addition to the home financing options listed above, we have an internal mortgage specialist and relationships with other mortgage brokers.


Our brokers are able to offer comprehensive tax planning through our affiliation with The Accounting Place. This exclusive collaboration offers your clients access to the following services at very competitive rates:

  • Individual tax return preparation and filing
  • Corporate tax return preparation and filing
  • Three-year tax audit (no charge)


More importantly, as adherents to the principles of Real Wealth ManagementTM, The Accounting Place can integrate extensive tax planning and advice into your clients’ financial planning, providing deeper, more relevant planning expertise.


Become an advisor for a company that has been helping clients achieve financial security for over 20 years.


Exceptional income potential: what you earn is directly related to your sales results and the relationships you develop with your clients. Financial representatives are compensated through commissions, renewals and bonuses.


Exclusive access to a variety of custom solutions and services—from life insurance, disability income insurance and education funding options to retirement planning, estate planning, and business planning.

Client Focus

Guide clients through a financial planning process, which reflects our belief that over a lifetime, most people will experience many different financial needs and circumstances.


Integration of our corporate brand with your individual brand. Enjoy joint marketing and business development initiatives including advertising and lead generation. Enrollment fee support for CFP, CLU and RWM designations, and broker referral rewards

Most of all, you become part of a team of advisors who work collaboratively to support each other. Our advisors routinely develop client solutions with each other – accessing the specialization and expertise of each of our team members.


You’re always independent but you’re never on your own!


Join the financial services brokerage firm that’s pioneering the way financial services are delivered in Canada.



Working in partnership with:


Croft Financial Group

BridgeForce Financial Group

Insurance carriers

Manulife Bank

The Accounting Place

Ready to Grow Your Practice?

Scott Boassaly



A former high school teacher and college Economics lecturer, Scott Boassaly has always valued education. This is further illustrated by his formal education. He holds a BA in History from Carleton University, a Bachelor of Education from The University of Ottawa, and an MBA from The University of Ottawa. This focus on education reveals itself in his approach to financial advice and in his commitment to offering free financial seminars to both adults and children. Celebrating his 20th anniversary as a wealth manager, Scott started his career at a large national firm where he quickly transitioned into management. Further industry experience was gained working with a reputable brokerage, then managing his own brokerage, Balance Financial, since 2019. Scott is the only certified responsible investment advisor in Ottawa and also holds the Real Wealth Manager designation.