Live for today. Plan for Tomorrow.

You have plans. We  have a full suite of financial planning services to make them happen, and insurance to protect what you’ve built.


Protecting what you have is the first step to securing your financial future.

Insurance is critical in planning for the unexpected. When life throws us curveballs, it’s important to be prepared. Working with Penta Wealth means having access to some of the best coverage plans and lowest rates in Canada. We will work closely with you to develop the right plan for you, your family and your business. This could be any combination of life, disability, critical illness, long-term care, and travel insurance, to name a few. When the inevitable comes, make sure your family and your employees are protected against unforeseen costs and financial challenges.


Financial planning isn’t just limited to planning for retirement. It also includes planning that affects your life today. Things like tax planning, debt management and saving for your child’s education are all very much impacted by the here and now. With the help of Penta Wealth, along with a dash of creativity and a solid commitment, you can lay the groundwork for a rewarding financial position in life – today and tomorrow.

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father holding piggy bank out for his young son, teaching him how to save money.


Having a well thought out investment strategy can easily mean the difference between a leisurely retirement and one that is rife with financial stress. It’s never too soon to start building that nest egg. And if you are a business owner, you know that attracting and retaining talent is a competitive game. Having an attractive compensation package is essential, and this means having a package that includes a smart investing plan. We’ll optimize your employees’ investments. When combined with our generous insurance options, your employees can feel valued and secure.

Scott Boassaly



A former high school teacher and college Economics lecturer, Scott Boassaly has always valued education. This is further illustrated by his formal education. He holds a BA in History from Carleton University, a Bachelor of Education from The University of Ottawa, and an MBA from The University of Ottawa. This focus on education reveals itself in his approach to financial advice and in his commitment to offering free financial seminars to both adults and children. Celebrating his 20th anniversary as a wealth manager, Scott started his career at a large national firm where he quickly transitioned into management. Further industry experience was gained working with a reputable brokerage, then managing his own brokerage, Balance Financial, since 2019. Scott is the only certified responsible investment advisor in Ottawa and also holds the Real Wealth Manager designation.